5 Tips on How to Conquer the Day


Sister, I know how you feel at the beginning and the end of your day! Some days seem to just run together, and others never seem to end. And though that’s not so abnormal, it can definitely be helped a bit.

One thing that I have learned after 13 years in the SAHM game, is that if I don’t  get my head on straight before I attack the day, the day will attack me! So here are a few helpful tidbits that have given me the boost I need to be the victor of the day instead of the victim.

Wake Up Before Your Tribe

This may be hard for some of us who have eyelid activated children who arise as soon as they sense you are awake, but give it your best shot. Waking up at least an hour before your kiddos allows you to have time to collect your thoughts and gain a sense of peace before the crazy unfolds. I use this time to have some quiet time with God, read some encouraging word, realign my schedule for the day, and just plain have some peace and quiet. Generally this sliver of time will set the tone for my entire day. Start with peace, end with peace!

Keep a Running List

This tip really is an old school tip, but it definitely has quality results. I can’t tell you how many times I have had a thought, idea, or concern that passed through my mind, that I didn’t write down, that is now lost forever! So instead of having to deal with this frustration, keep a writing pad on the counter, on the fridge, or on your phone for thoughts, ideas, concerns you have throughout the day. That way your mind is clear without the clutter of random flying thoughts, and your production efforts are increased. So break out your old trusty pen and paper.

Schedule in Daily Quiet Time

Silence is GOLDEN! I mean….. golden. Shhhhhhhh.

There is so much value found in the quiet. Especially in a world full of noise. There is so much distraction and so many vices bidding for our attention, that finding soundless space is getting harder and harder. Research shows that getting quiet reduces stress and anxiety. Being intentional about habitual quiet time inserts mental rest and breathing space in an otherwise sound flooded existence. We were never created to be on a constant overdrive. Train your tribe to value silence.

Put Them Out

Fresh air is beneficial to both you and those precious kiddos! So….. Put them out in it!

Schedule mandatory outside time twice a day. A late morning time and an early evening time. This habit will cultivate creativity and a love for the outdoors in your children. If you have children who are homeschooled or are just home a lot, you can attest to the fact that it can get a bit overwhelming having everyone in the same space for long periods of time. We also don’t want to always have to shuck out cash every time we want to get them out the house. Not to mention the fact that taking kids out places is more stressful than keeping them inside. However, letting them go out and about there own home and neighborhood has just as good, if not better benefits.

Don’t Try and Do it All

Stop buying the lie that you have to do EVERYTHING. My friend, you can’t. And neither can I. But what we can do, is make wise choices and schedule our priorities so that we can be our most effective self. For us and our families. Being consumed with doing will only stir-up disappointment and discouragement within us due to an unattainable goal. Relax sister! You were made for more than doing.

Go on now, and conquer your days!


Your Fellow Warrior Momma,    J.E. Berry

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