5 Tips on How to Captain the Kitchen


The KITCHEN! A place that can be a gift or a gutter to a SAHM.

For me, the kitchen had been both depending the time of day. However, with a little thinking ahead and strategy, it can become the heart of the home it was meant to be. The following tips can help even the most unorganized momma whip it into shape in the cantina. So here are a few life rafts for you sister!

Plan Out the Week

The word plan is a dirty word to a procrastinator. However, planning is how we become victorious over the most mundane chores. The best way for us to be captain of our kitchen weekly is for us to plan ahead. Take the time at the very end of the week or the very beginning of the week to sit down and plan out every meal and snack you intend to eat and feed your tribe. Once you have your meals planned out, write a grocery list from that meal list. Make sure that you check each recipe so that you have all the ingredients that you will need each day. The Save The SAHM weekly meal planner can help you keep track of this. You will find that doing things this way will make grocery shopping less stressful and more strategic. You will also save money!  Plus, putting meals together will be more stress free. If it seems overwhelming to do the whole week all at once, try writing out the recipes one day and making the grocery list the next. All in all as long as the planning happens you will be successful.

Think in Multiples

It can get really stressful thinking of all the meals that we have to plan out and cook every single day. So in order to make this a little easier, make multiples! Instead of making one day’s worth of spaghetti sauce, make enough to split it up into two. This way next week’s spaghetti is already cooked. Think multiple also for lunches and snacks. Get creative with different ways to do this and use different storage containers or storage bags so that you can Master it for days or even weeks at a time. This is especially helpful when you have a lot of kids doing a lot of things. This takes the pressure off in the evening and you can focus on other things like quality time or self-care time. Less thinking about meals and more time doing things you actually want to do.

Stay ahead of the game

This one is really hard for most of us. Especially me! For me I can get into the swing of planning but sometimes I slow down and forget that I need to plan again. So the remedy for this is stay ahead of the game don’t get lazy! The only way to actually captain the kitchen is to take control and be the captain! This means stay about a week ahead with your meal planning. Keep a binder or a command center available so that you can write your list, keep your recipes, and just plain have everything laid out in front of you. Once again so that you don’t have to think too hard about what’s to come. Keeping everything in front of you helps you to stay ahead of the game and have some major wins during the week! And let’s face it Mama’s need wins too!

Another great way to stay ahead of the game is to take all those items that you have picked up from the grocery store from your well planned out list and make freezer meals from them. I absolutely love freezer meals. I dump all my ingredients in freezer bags (Pinterest has great freezer meal ideas) , label them for the week, and I’ve pretty much pre-made all of my dinners! This is totally addictive and resourceful!  Do yourself a favor and stay ahead!

Don’t wait

Here’s another one for my procrastinator friends. Don’t wait until the perfect time to start planning and getting things in order. There will never be a perfect time.  You just have to jump in the kitchen and get your mind right. Don’t wait until you have the perfect binder or the perfect recipe book. Use what you’ve got now so that you can get control of what you have in front of you. Enough said about that moving on…

Buy a slow cooker or Instapot ASAP !

This one is serious guys! If you’ve ever known a best friend in your kitchen this one is it! If you want to seriously captain your kitchen like a pro, you have got to get a slow cooker or an Instapot. These are a stay-at-home Mama’s best friend! If you plan things out just right, you can have your dinner nice and ready for you at dinner time without much thought or effort. And breakfast too! If you meal prep and have freezer bags ready with meals in them it will take even less effort. It’s just a dump and go! How easy is that! There are thousands of recipes, and prep tips out there to help you get started.  If you have yet to get one of these gems what are you waiting for!?!

OK sister, you are ready to be the queen of cuisine! Head over to the STS Lifesavers to get some helpful printables!

Mom on!!!!

J.E. Berry

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