5 Tips on How to be A Joyful Mom


Remaining joyful daily as a stay at home mom can be tough! With constant crazy happening all around us, it can be hard to see sunshine. But there is plenty! We just have to keep making the choice to reach for it! Here’s a little help fellow warrior momma!


Sister….. Stop being so uptight! I know we have a lot on our plates, but being tense all the time is not helping. Not to mention, that when we are high stung, our children tend to be high strung as well. They feed off of the energy that we are putting off. When we are fully of anxiety and impatience, that transfers to them and they respond to their environment from that place. Trust me, I know what it’s like to be inundated with to-do lists and priorities. However, at the end of the day our children are going to remember our interactions with them, not all that we have accomplished. So, chill out my friend and live from a place of peace and rest.

Let them be kids

Our littles are only littles for a short amount of time. We only get 18 summers with them and then they go off and start adulting. YUCK! So why do we rush them to grow up? They will have plenty of time to be grown ups and make adult decisions. So while we have them in our care, let’s just let them be kids while they can! They should definitely have age appropriate responsibility, but we should not push them to grow up too fast. Majority of their lives will be for that. Allow them to be silly, creative, loud, and fun! We will miss all of that when it’s gone. This time in our family history will not repeat, we have now to enjoy and then it’s on to the next season.

Have healthy expectations

One of our biggest mistakes as moms sometimes, is having unrealistic or unhealthy expectations of the people around us, our environment, or even ourselves. This is a problem because our unmet expectations can lead us to a place of ungratefulness and constant disappointment. When we have healthy expectations, we go from being disappointed to being pleasantly surprised by what can happen. Truthfully we only have the right to expect big things from God and place big expectations on ourselves. We must be careful that we are not expecting what we expect from ourselves from others, this is a trap of never ending disappointment. When we simply expect good from people we are more likely to be met with the surprise of how good they can be, as oppose to the lack of their ability to meet our expectations. In turn, we are appreciative and less annoyed.

Be a kid with them

My kids are overjoyed every time I get down on the floor with them to play or join in on a game they are playing or invite them to play. And in light of their joy, I am filled with joy! When we interact with them on their level, it helps us to remember what it was like to be their age and connects our heart to theirs. Not to mention, there’s the added benefit of creating lasting memories of your presence.

Be grateful

The best advice I can give you to feed your joy, is to be a grateful momma! There are women who would kill (hopefully not literally) to be in your position. To be a momma!! Being a mom is a place of honor and privilege. When we approach our days regarding ourselves as privileged, we see all the chaos of day-to-day as a gift instead of a burden. So lift your eyes, have a thankful heart, and be filled with joy!

Love, J.E. Berry

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