5 Tips on How to Find Mental Rest During the Day


Having a healthy mental state is very important to our jobs as stay-at-home mommas. We use our minds to devise plans, teach, strategize, organize, and mediate, 24/7. Our brains need to be healthy and clear to get good results and be the true healthy mom we want to be.

A tough reality for stay at home mom life is that it’s hard finding balance and keeping a healthy mental state within the chaos. However, if we don’t get a handle on it, we will breakdown and the household can likely go with us. Being in this thing for a long time now, I have found a few good helpers that are quick and easy to implement. Try these out and bring the sanity back!


I know this one doesn’t sound all that profound, but honestly, reading slows your brain down and forces it to “walk” slowly through the pages of a good book. It doesn’t have to be the most profound text or even an “adult” level read. The idea here is that you change what you are doing in the moment. It’s more about the action of slowing down the mind than it is the reading content. Carve out time to take a trip in a book for about 30 minutes a day.

The 5 Minute Breathing Session

This is one of my favorite mid-day resets. Set a timer for five minutes at a scheduled time during the middle of your day. Lay on the floor (your bed, grass, or other designated place) with your palms facing up. During your five minute “reset” session, breath deeply, while praying, or simply focusing on those deep breaths. This calms your emotions, realigns your mind and body, and resets you for the rest of the day ahead. Try it! It really is a source of peace in the middle of a crazy day!

Hum your favorite tune

Who isn’t rejuvenated by a chorus of “YMCA” every now and then? I know I am!

Humming your favorite tune puts you in a good mood and takes your mind into a different place for a small amount of time, causing you to get a sort of mini reset in your thinking. Humming is also known to calm the mind and relieve stress. So get those saucy tunes lined up and start humming away at your day!

Sit outside

Everyone needs a change of scenery when things get chaotic. Getting some fresh air and sunshine is always good for the soul! Studies show that going outside and getting fresh air eliminates stress and anxieties, and increases happiness in people. Not to mention, it also has been known to boost your immune system when a part of your regular daily life. Just like the “5 minute breathing session”, going outside resets you mentally by changing your environment, therefore, changing your focus.

Pray, Pray, Pray!

There is not much that can bring you back to earth like some good alone time with God! And the best part is that He is patiently waiting and wanting to spend this special time with you! Prayer aligns our hearts with the Father’s, relieves us of a burden ridden mindset, and refocuses our eyes on the One that holds it all in His hands. So, pray sister. Like your life depends on it!

Ok friends, I hope that these tips give you some peace in your days!

With Love, J.E. Berry

1 thought on “5 Tips on How to Find Mental Rest During the Day

  1. I have saved this one for later! Thank you for sharing!


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