5 Tips on How to Teach Kids Bible/Life Application


Wouldn’t  it be awesome if our kids just woke up living full of biblical truth? Walking all around the house praying and speaking Scripture to each other. The house would be full of peace at all times and parenting would be a breeze! But….. let’s be real here. Our children are not likely blessing each other on a consistent basis or singing psalms over us every morning. It would be nice though. Right!?

Wanting our kiddos to live a biblical life is admirable. However, in order for that to be a reality, we have to get to work with planting seeds and pointing our arrows in the right direction. There is much more to being godly mothers than simply loving God and feeding pancakes to our kiddos. We must feed the souls of our children and teach them what it means to live under the Lordship of Jesus.

So here are a few tips on how to teach kids about living a biblical life:

Start With Devos

Teaching our children to live a life aligned with Christ first starts with getting them aligned with God’s Word. Starting with devotionals is a really practical way to introduce Bible/life application to your children. They are easy to read and understand for every age group. They spark conversations and important questions. They also lead to Bible exploration, which is ultimately what we want. Kids who read and love God’s Word. Beginning each day or ending each day with a devotional as a family is a great way to spark interest individually in Scripture and plants biblical roots.

Be mindful of teachable moments

This one is a little harder to maintain but is one of the most important parts of teaching Bible/life application. During the day, keep an awareness of moments that offer a door to teach biblical application. For instance, when resolving a conflict between siblings, in doing chores, or when serving others. These are great opportunities to tie in what you have learned in Scripture to what is happening in real time. It takes practice to get this in a good rhythm but you’ll get it after doing it for a bit. I’m still working on it too.

Use Bible verses during discipline

This has been a great tool for our family! Using God’s Word to teach them why it’s important to be obedient and kind is always a win-win. When disciplining, take your child into a space with just you and them. Ask them what they did and remind them why what they did was not okay using Scripture. Also, let them know why it is biblically necessary for you to discipline them for what they have done. This method of discipline keeps the anger and resentment at bay and nurtures a desire to please God rather than man. Be mindful to refrain from discipling in anger. DO NOT use scripture to bash your child. Use it as a teaching tool. Help them to know that God puts commands in place to protect those He loves. This is major!

Memory Verses

A fun and powerful way to help kids store up Scripture in their hearts is to have family memory verses. When we memorize Scripture, our hearts are more inclined to godly ways. Write out so easy, yet powerful verses for your family and try to memorize at least one a week. Maybe even offering small prizes for the kids who remember at the end of the week!

Pray God’s Word

Praying as a family is vital for unity and godly foundation. Praying God’s Word aligns our hearts with the heart of God. When we speak His language back to Him we agree with what He has in store. Further applying Scripture to our lives.

I hope these tips help you and your tribe seamlessly apply Scripture to your family life dynamic. I pray that God’s Word will guide you and your tribe daily!

Love, J.E. Berry


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