Hi, I’m J.E. Berry! I am the creator of Save The SAHM!

Save the SAHM…Exists to be a source of hope, freedom, love, encouragement, community, laughter, and inspiration.

STS was birthed from many conversations with fellow Stay at Home Moms. I came to the realization that many of us feel alone, helpless, and burned out. We settle into a places of drought and purposeless existence. I am sure this is not how God intended us to live and exist.

So here at Save The SAHM we will champion the warrior SAHM to carry on in confidence and power through a life lived by faith. And full of laughter!!!

Here you will find tips on how to conquer the difficult, advice from fellow SAHMs, resources, and  fun to carry you throughout the day! Look around and share with a friend!

Now, a little about me.

img_3370J.E. Berry. Wife, SAHM of five , speaker, author, writer, friend, worshiper, wanderer, launderer, short order chef and the list goes on. In order to properly introduce myself to you I have to show you a small portion of what all of me looks like in full outer ring circumference before we dive deep into the foggy waters and messy puddles that fill my very God chiseled bio.

Stepping out of my comfort zone and into trusting my Father has led me to this very page. This season of my journey reflects the places God has brought me from and the grace of Christ that brought me through each testimony.

Answering the call to write, was a long drawn out experience. Fighting voices of doubt and the lies of insecurity kept me from seeing past my feelings so that I could see my Fathers ultimate goals. Once I realized that the truth was that all I had to do was move out of the way and let God work, I could freely let Him use me for His glory.

The truth is that my daily life consists of lots of spills,  laundry,  laughter, praying, hugs from my littles and sweet kisses from the love of my life. It’s obedience that has made all the difference. When we look at our Father’s big picture, the details that sometimes cloud our vision become less obscuring in our focus. Welcome to my tiny detail in the Father’s big picture!

“Rejoice always; pray without ceasing; in everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

J.E. Berry

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