Mom Pranks


Laughter is so under-rated in our SAHM world! So we are going to bring it back to the top of our lists!

Here you will find some awesome pranks to play on your kiddos. Because let’s face it, with our long days, we could use some good belly laughs. Am I right!?



“Mint” OREOS

A delight for mom! A disgust to the offspring! Total score!

For this mom prank you’ll need:

  • A pack of Oreos(R)
  • Colgate toothpaste (must be white only)

What to do:

  • Take a handful of Cookies and scrape the cream from the middle and dispose of it.
  • Next, squeeze the Colgate right in the middle of one side of the scraped cookie and slowly press the other half onto the toothpaste to make the appearance of cream.
  • Place the “cookies” on a plate and serve them up.
  • Get the camera ready!
  • Don’t forget to Tell them not to swallow once they have discovered that they are clearly not eating real Oreos. LOL

Have a blast with this one momma!

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“Toilet Finger”

Momma, this one is definitely video worthy! And you might want to have another person present to help you!

For this mom prank you’ll need:

  • A hot dog
  • A rag (that you don’t much about)
  • Red food coloring
  • A toilet

What to do:

  • Prep: Take a half of a hot dog and shape a fake nail bed into one end with a knife. put red die on the end.
  • Drip a ton of red food coloring on a rag
  • You’ll need to put a package of some kind on the counter in the bathroom next to a knife/scissors so that it will look like you were attempting to open something (add a couple food coloring drops on the package and knife/scissors)
  • Drop the prepped hot dog half and some food coloring into the toilet
  • Wrap your hand in that “bloody rag” while standing in the bathroom
  • Let out a wail and an “Oh My Goodness!!!!”
  • Be prepared for total shock and a spaz attack!

Good luck! Happy pranking!

Be sure to tag us with your pics on social media: @savethesahm #Savethesahm #SAHMmompranks #STSFunnies

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