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Latest Episodes:

“Remembering the Mom in SAHM” – Find Your Tribe

STS – Episode 13 Notes

“The Real Struggles of a SAHM” – Self-Image?

STS – Episode 14 Notes

“The Real Struggles of a SAHM” – Unsupported?

STS – Episode 15 Notes

“The Real Struggles of a SAHM” – My Husband Doesn’t Get It

STS – Episode 16 Notes

“The Real Struggles of a SAHM” – Overwhelmed?

STS – Episode 17 Notes

The Mary Challenge Daily


“The Real Struggles of a SAHM” – Feeling unimportant?

STS – Episode 18 Notes


“Power Up!” – Why do we feel powerless at times?

STS Episode 19 Notes

“Power Up!” – Grasping Spiritual Power

“Power Up!” – Gaining Physical Strength

“Power Up!” – Training your army

“To Homeschool or Not to Homeschool” – Deciding to homeschool or not

“To Homeschool or Not to Homeschool”- Homeschool Impact

“To Homeschool or Not To Homeschool” – No Overachieving Allowed

“To Homeschool or not to Homeschool ” – Share What You Have

“P31 Momma-She Fears the Lord” – She is Trustworthy

“P31 Momma- She Fears the Lord” – She is a Hard Worker

“P31 Momma- She Fears the Lord” – She is Generous
“P31 Momma- She Fears the Lord” – She is Wise
“Healthy Mentality Momming” – You’re Not Her, She’s Not You
“Healthy Mentality Momming” – Find Your Stride
“Healthy Mentality Momming” – Honesty is Gold
“Healthy Mentality Momming” – Say it Don’t Spray it

Upcoming Podcast Series….

September- P31 Momma

  • Wk1/Episode 27- She is Trustworthy
  • Wk2/Episode 28- She is a Hardworker, Prepared
  • Wk3/Episode 29- She is Generous
  • Wk4/Episode 30- She is Wise

October- “Heathy Mentality”

  • Wk1/Episode 31- You’re Not Her and She’s Not You
  • Wk2/Episode 32- Find Your Stride
  • Wk3/Episode 33- Honesty is Gold
  • Wk4/Episode 34-Say it Don’t Spray it

Past Series:

April- “Remembering the ‘Mom’ in SAHM”

  • Wk1/Episode 10- Identity: Who Are We in Christ
  • Wk2/Episode 11- Reset, Reboot, Recover
  • Wk3/Episode 12- Don’t Get Lost in There
  • Wk4/Episode 13- Find Your Tribe

May- “The Real Struggles of a SAHM”

  • Wk1/Episode 14- Self-Image?
  • Wk2/Episode 15- Unsupported?
  • Wk3/Episode 16- My husband doesn’t get it?
  • Wk4/Episode 17- Overwhelmed?
  • Wk5/Episode 18- Feeling unimportant?

June- “Power Up!”

  • Wk1/Episode 19- Why Do We Feel Powerless at Times?
  • Wk2/Episode 20- Grasping Spiritual Power
  • Wk3/Episode 21- Gaining Physical Strength
  • Wk4/Episode 22- Training Your Army, Applying Your God Given Authority

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